The modular set-up of the STARCLEAN ® belt-cleaning system offers the perfect solution for just about every application from a range of standardised components. This modular principle guarantees fast delivery times for both complete systems and spare parts. Regardless of belt width, belt speeds or type of material conveyed, there is a STARCLEAN to suit!


With unparalleled performance, installation and maintenance simplicity, STARCLEAN scrapers are a gamechanger!

Offering the complete range of:

  • Primary Scrapers
  • Secondary Scrapers
  • Inner Belt Scrapers
  • Specialist Solutions
  • Spare parts and accessories


Misalignment is a problem that often occurs with regard to conveyor belt systems. This does not just cause much pollution, but also damages the conveyor belt and belt structure.

You can bring the belt back to the correct track with the CEN-TRAX belt tracker. This belt tracker quickly and automatically corrects any misalignment, regardless of the conditions. CEN-TRAX belt tracker systems can be used for belts with two rotating directions and can be supplied for both the return and the top part of the conveyor belt.

CEN-TRAX is suitable for every belt width and speed and can be used in hazardous areas, classes I M2 and II 2D in accordance with the EC Directive 94/9/EC.

The TBK Group experts have the knowledge and experience to determine the position for the trackers and aligning the conveyor belts.

Skirts and Seals

Promet have a range of transfer point seals or skirts to suit every application.


From our STARCLEAN Seals to the complete SPILLEX range, there is a product to suit your application.
These systems represents the definitive end to nuisance due to spillage and dust at transfer points. Easy to install and adjust. They can also be replaced quickly and easily.


Reduce or eliminate your spillage. A properly selected system also reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Impact Bars

FRIFLO impact bars and our impact beds represent the definitive end to belt damage, wear and spillage or dust issues.

The impact bars absorb the force of falling material, support the conveyor belt under the transfer point and guide it with very low friction. FRIFLO has no moving parts, is easy to install, prevents edge belt sagging typically between rollers and provides the perfect seal for the transfer point in combination with our seals and skirts.
The FRIFLO impact bar has a unique clamping system that consists of four or five clamps each with a length of 100 mm and standard M16 bolts. The clamping area and strength of these clamps is many times greater than the often used T-bolts.

Conveyor Systems and other Components

Specialist Conveyor Systems including:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Long Distance Conveyors
  • Curved Belt Conveyors
  • Shiftable Conveyors
  • High Angle Conveyors
  • Pipe Conveyors
  • Air Cushion Conveyors
  • Open-Pit Mine Conveyors
  • Underground Belt Conveyors
  • Pulleys
  • Idlers
  • Frames
  • Rollers


HiKey Resources

Time2L Digital Timesheet Solutions



  • Grinding balls
  • Grinding Rods
  • Mining Chemicals
  • Reagents



  • Wheel Slogger
  • Slogging Hammer



  • Through Promet’s extensive international network, partners and experience, we offer consulting services to help improve your operations and satisfy requirements from site to procurement. We achieve your targets and lower your bottom line.
  • Our Consult, Supply, Improve (CSI) methodology has been developed so that along with our clients, we identify the need and target outcome, we then source and supply the solution or product required to fulfil the requirements.
  • We identify limitations of existing resources and work within your budget and framework, increasing product performance, ensuring safety and increasing personnel output/human resource capacity.
  • Promet finds solutions suited to your needs, not supply you a solution that fits ours, so even if it is not listed here, we can help you.
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