Your technical specialist

As technical specialists with practical experience, on-site training and knowledge, we know how crucial the integrity of a conveyor belt is to an entire operation. We also know how easily they can fail and the devastating consequences this brings not only an operation but to workers on site. 

That’s why our mission at Promet is simple: we want to reduce the stress, headaches and issues associated with the operating efficiency of your conveyor system. We believe this starts with installing reliable and high performing conveyor belt accessories.

At Promet, we don’t see ourselves as a separate entity from the mine sites and businesses we work with; we view ourselves as an extension of their team – our customers are at the core of everything we do.

Our specialist will work with you on how to obtain the best out of your material handling, we will conduct a no charge audit, suggest recommendations to resolve issues, supply quotes for the accessories suggested and installation time an costs. Then work with you across multiple budget cycles to help your plant reach maximum efficiency.

Benefits of partnering with Promet

  • We’re a team of industry experts with product, engineering and technical site experience

    As a team with over 50 years of bulk material handling knowledge and site experience, we have the capability to recommend the right conveyor accessories for your mine site’s needs – saving you precious time and money.

  • All scrapers, trackers, skirting and impact beds have been vetted, tried and tested

    Your site’s conveyor system is a crucial part of your daily operations and premature wear due to material carryback, belt mistracking, or excessive impact can be the difference between meeting safety and production targets and not. We ensure all our conveyor accessories are tried and tested to guarantee your operation a conveyor belt that will perform better and stand the test of time.

  • We believe in training our clients about conveyor belt accessories and systems

    Upskilling your site employees to install or service conveyor belt accessories is a crucial part of maintaining a high performing conveyor belt system. Our skilled technicians can train and support your personnel on site as needed across a range of scrapers, trackers, skirting and impact beds.

  • Location, Location, Location

    No doubt you have heard this saying before about real estate. Well it the same for all conveyor accessories. Knowing the best location, profile and angle for a scraper, tracker, skirting or impact bed can improve its working efficacy and life span. Our technical knowledge coupled with practical experience will help you achieve better results at a lower cost, in a shorter time frame.

  • We remove the hassle and human error of installing your conveyor belt accessories

    Our specialist team are available to install your conveyor belt accessories on site as soon as products arrive. We’re expertly trained to install and repair any scraper, tracker, skirting or impact bed quickly and we can be your one-point of contact for all your conveyor belt service and supply needs.

  • We are locally based in Australia with 24/7 access to support

    Our dedicated team are available around the clock to quickly and easily assist you as soon as problems with your conveyor belt system arise on site. We’ll arrange for a site audit to be completed quickly so that we can evaluate performance and get the parts you need. Being based in Australia means we can get your conveyor accessories to site immediately to ensure production is back on track without delay.