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In any market and within any industry, there is a continual push for higher demand, better efficiencies, greater productivity, safety, longer life and all these for less cost, whilst maintaining quality. Promet delivers this by offering a diverse and unique supply process aimed at saving time and cost with industry leading product and procurement knowledge.

Our Consult, Supply, Improve methodology has been developed so that along with our clients, we identify the needs and target outcomes, we then source and supply the solutions or products required to fulfil these needs, whilst continually evaluating the efficiency and ensuring client expectations are exceeded on a continual basis.

Our unique offering has also allowed us to provide some specific solutions through our partners that provide outcomes sought by many clients. Our partners have been carefully selected for their unique solutions, the success and practicality of their products and of course their ability to offer competitive prices.

With our own extensive knowledge and experience combined with our partners experience, we are a powerhouse when it comes to providing our clients with the support that is required to take them to the next level.

Here at Promet we are specialists in bulk materials handling.


Smart Conveyor Solutions

Efficient, effective and safe smart conveyor solutions for your unique application


Complete Conveyer Applications

Efficient solutions for long distance, closed or curved conveyor applications


Process Improvement

Promet's Consult, Supply, Improve methodology ensures the solution fulfills requirements

Our Key Partners

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The partners at Promet have many years of combined expertise and market experience within the mining, resources and construction industry, in materials handling and mineral processing, engineering, marketing and business development. They are highly dedicated and aim to deliver value and results with a responsive and flexible consultative approach, building strong partnering relationships and excellent value propositions.

Backed by personnel with extensive experience and a history of success within the industry, we are confident of offering outstanding service to our customers’ business to help them:

  • Grow and meet their business or project obligations
  • Obtain the most cost effective and required quality in aftermarket or replacement parts and services
  • Achieve technological competence
  • Improve their business processes and achieve best practice
  • Provide support and services to be the best and most competitive in the market
  • Get the most from bulk materials handling technology